Cast iron bedroom sinks were featured in several bedrooms at the Mike and Carla Leppert home, a part of the original elements of the home. The home of Jerry and Diane Moore, Pier 316 on Morrison Island, if filled with family history, including a growth chart on the trim of a doorway and the original 1920 dining room table set with World War II china given to the owner’s uncle, Willis Eagles, by Charles de Gaulle. The cottage was built in 1908 and bought by the four daughters of Orlando Kimmell in 1920. Jerry Moore, great-grandson of Kimmell, took ownership in 2004. The cottage was renovated to look as it did in 1920, with the exception of adding four bathrooms, and an outdoor shower. “Wawatopia,” owned by Scott and Julie Laughner, Pier 748, has been home to several different families over its 120-year existence. There were originally three bedrooms upstairs, each with a sink, with a later owner adding another two bedrooms and a garage to the original two bedrooms on the main floor, and extending the kitchen to what had originally been a back porch. The Laughners purchased the home in 2008 and during renovations found “1898” written in pencil on the bricks on the back of the chimney. Laughner’s changed the white house back to red after discovering redwood siding. The Laughter’’s maintained the character of the house during remodeling, keeping the footprint, while updating the interior of the home. The home of Dave and Judy Eckrich, Pier 749, was built in 1898 by Frank Abbot, with all the lumber shipped by rail to Syracuse. The Eckrich’s purchased the property in 1972 and had to decide whether to raze or remodel as it was in need of major refurbishing. The decision to remodel was made after learning the framing was in virgin lumber and in sound condition. The remodeling included rearranging rooms, installing new wiring and plumbing. In 1990 a master suite, two bedrooms with full baths and a three car garage was added. The home of John and Margy Feighner, Pier 795, is known as Snug Harbor cottage, Frank and Julia Souder bought lots 10-14 in Wright’s Place in 1904 and in 1906 built the cottage. George and Cora Osborn bought the cottage in 1915, with their son Arthur acquiring the cottage in 1935, adding a west wing that included the first floor master bedroom and two upstairs bedroom. In 1949 Osborn bequeathed the cottage to his children and was shared by the siblings for two years. Joe Osborn later sold his interest to his sister, Marilyn Osborn Feighner and her husband, Jack, and his brother, George. In 1972 George Osborn and his wife sold their share to the Feighners. John and Margy took ownership in 2000. They later remodeled the art studio to a modern kitchen and breakfast room, updated bathrooms and restored the original pine flooring.