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The Many Faces of Wawasee

WPOA — David F. Lichtenauer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dave LichtenauerThe WPOA-David F. Lichtenauer Memorial Scholarship Fund was established at the Kosciusko
County Community Foundation as an endowment fund in 2010. Dave’s leadership paved the way for the
WPOA to play an active role in giving back to the community through many projects which enhanced not
only Lake Wawasee but the surrounding areas. Included in this perception was to increase the number
of scholarship awards as well as the amounts given each year. An endowment lends permanency to WPOA and Dave’s vision, increasing the earning potential and providing opportunities for steady growth. The fund offers college and university scholarships to graduates of Wawasee High school, based on community service and academic standing.

We would like to thank those who have made donations this year. Your support insures continued growth of this fund and will make a difference in the education of our future leaders from the Wawasee community. There is still time to contribute to the 2017-2018 scholarship program. To be a part of the
“gift that keeps on giving,” please complete the section below and mail with your check as directed; or you may wish to visit KCCF online to make a gift by credit card. Thank you.

Lichtenauer Scholarship Information and Form

Gifts via credit cards can be made online at




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