Because I enjoy the many social, spiritual, and environmental blessings of Lake Wawasee, I will honor my responsibility to protect and preserve those blessings.

May I always remember to:

  • Respect the rights of all who legitimately use this lake.
  • Know and observe boating laws and basic boating courtesies:
  • Keep at least 200 feet from shore unless launching or landing.
  • Observe “No Wake” zones.
  • Yield to boats approaching from my right.
  • Yield to boats under sail.
  • Equip my boat with proper safety items, including lights and flotation devices.
  • Maintain safe and courteous distances from other boats and swimmers.
  • Permit no underage operation of my boat.
  • Never operate a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Assume 100% responsibility for my attitude and behavior.
  • Dispose of all trash and human waste at proper on-shore facilities.
  • Help protect environmentally fragile (shallows and wetlands) areas.
  • When conflict arises, speak to my neighbor, rather than about my neighbor.
  • Show a child some special place of beauty on lake Wawasee.
  • Return there often.