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“Neighbor” is less a location than an attitude. We are neighbors because we share the common bond of Lake Wawasee and the common concern that each of us treats the lake with the same respect we wish for ourselves.

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BLAST FROM the past and present. How about this? Dan Clodfelter, now of Columbia City, shared.

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The main event for the evening was the announcement of the annual Chief Award recipient. This year’s recipient didn’t go to an individual, but an organization which for 25 years has looked after the quality of water flowing into and in Lake Wawasee.

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Oakwood Park has been home to the same families since the area was purchased in 1894 by the Indiana Conference Evangelical Association of North America for $5,000 from William F. Frederick.

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Wawasee Property Owners Association recently donated a $5,500 check to the Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Committee.


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Resources, Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation will be treating Conklin Bay on Lake Wawasee and the Boner Wetlands east of Syracuse Lake today Wednesday, Aug. 24.

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Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Committee heard Monday, Aug. 15, the Eli Lilly Road widening project is nearly completed. Megan McClellan, director, said the cost of the project increased but she is still continuing to get donations.


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Maybe you have seen her riding her bike down Cornelius Road, a plastic bag hanging from the handlebar. It is a lovely stretch of road...


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Wawasee Memories 2013 DVD is released!

Learn more about it and how you can get yours!

The Summer 2016 Lakeviews is now ready for download. Enjoy!

1 WPOA dues payment deadline
15 Purdue Glee Club, Oakwood
21 Board of Director's Meeting
21 Cruise-In Car Show
27 Wine, Cheese and Chocolate - Oakwood Resort
30 Memorial Day - Neighbors Directories Mailed
4 Lake Talk and Eats - WACF-9-11
4 Cocktails for Cancer
11 Board of Director's Meeting-WACF-9 a.m.
18 Mermaid Festival Parade-North Webster
25 Annual WPOA Breakfast, Oakwood-7:30 a.m.
25 Wawasee Garden Club-Garden Walk
26 Lake Wawasee Adventure on SS Lillypad-WACF and Syracuse Museum
28 FT. Wayne Philharmonic Concert at Oakwood
2 WPOA Annual Fireworks
2 Bug Catch-WACF-
9-11 a.m.
3 Flotilla-1:00 pm
4 Syracuse Lakes Fireworks
4 Flotilla Road Race
7 WACF Wetland Adventure-9-11 a.m.
9 Tour Des Lakes-Cycling Ride-Community Center
9 Board of Director's Meeting-WACF-9 a.m.
14 WACF Wetland Adventure-9-11 a.m.
15-16 Wawasee (Plein Air) Painting
17 Art Sale-South Shore Pavilion-1:00-3:00
21 WACF Wetland Adventure-9-11 a.m.
24 Car Show-Oakwood- 12-2:30
28 WACF Wetland Adventure-9-11 a.m.
30 WACF Annual Breakfast
6 Lake Talk and Eats - WACF-9-11
13 Board of Director's Meeting-WACF-9 a.m.
20 Annual Meeting-Dinner on the Lily Pad-6:30 p.m.
27 Oakwood Fine Arts Festival
10 Board of Director's Meeting-WACF-9 a.m.
15-16 Fall tastic Walk-WACF-12-4 p.m.

Who We Are

As Wawasee Property Owners Association celebrates its 62nd anniversary, we still seek to be a good neighbor in the greater Syracuse community in many ways. read more...

A WaWaCreed

Because I enjoy the many social, spiritual, and environmental blessings of Lake Wawasee, I will honor my responsibility to protect and preserve those blessings. read entire creed...

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